About us

In every aspect of our business, whether it’s the big picture or the smallest detail, we try to achieve the extraordinary. A perfectly basic collections of high quality pieces at sensible prices, an independent distribution straight from the source. This is Causeway Bay!

Serious about quality, serious about our people

We are a small and driven team of perfectionists who believe in simplicity we all share the same passion when it comes to Home Deco. Every member of our team has its own role to play, but we do not succeed by individual endeavor, our strength lies in the collective. Together we make awesome things happen.

Our promise

Our goal is simple: a perfectly basic collection of essential Home & Deco pieces at fair prices yet with exceptional quality. We buy straight from the source, add labour and logistics and you get exactly what you paid for, but this time in its most positive sense.

We do not compromise in quality, we might compromise in margin but it will come out of our end. We either make a product that deserves the price, or we do not make the product at all.

Maybe we don’t have every item you wish for, but our reasons are simple. We only make a product in a factory that shares our standard of quality and believes in our mad pursuit of perfection. If we do not find common grounds here, we continue our quest until we find the right partner in crime.

What we do

Founded in October 2017, we started off as a company mainly doing private label and selling, through our more than 20 years of experience in sourcing and manufacturing for different clients in the world, we knowing now a lot of good factories, but also wrong ones. Learning from the mistakes of others (and our own) and observing how retail was rapidly changing, we came more and more aware of the gap in the market. Therefore we would like to supply the demand in basic collections of high quality pieces to our clients. This is why we started the brand Causeway Bay.

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